Courts for Sports
Mills Trenter & Associates is committed to building the best and most serviceable racquetball and squash courts in the world. With the most qualified staff in the industry, we strive to provide our clients with a first class product and superior customer service.

The company was formed in 1983 by Bill Trenter and incorporated by the Arizona Corporation Commission on January 26, 1996. In July 1996 Justin was appointed Vice-President and in August 2001 acquired 100% ownership of the corporation and became the President.

MTA products and services not only include provision of the highest quality and specialized hardwood floors for racquetball/handball/squash courts and gymnasiums, but also include the highest quality and most reliable glass wall systems for racquetball, handball and squash courts which includes moveable walls. To build a racquetball court the 5 components which comprise a total project consist of: steel framing; hardwood flooring; lighting, wall panels and glass walls. Our company also installs pads and pours synthetic floors as well as providing and installing weight room flooring in either interlocking tiles or rolls of rubber.

Our smallest job we’ve done is residential room at 450 square feet; our largest would be at The Village Racquet and Health Club DC Ranch in McDowell Mountain Ranch, Arizona at over 16,000 square feet.